Member Types

What is member types? 

Member Types

The amount discounted (in %) will be entitle to each item you purchase from CLS.

How do i know which member types i'm in? 
You can total up the amount of successful purchase from your "Account>History and details of my orders" page. Your account will be added when the total amount reaches the specific types respectively. As soon as you are in the respective member types, you will notice the difference in price in each item before and after you login to your account.

Help! I have spent the required amount but am still not in specific member types? 
As we have a lot of customers, we might have missed out assigning your account to the respective member types. Do send us an email to and we will assign your account accordingly.

Can i enjoy the discount as soon as i reaches the specific amounts in the member types? 
Your total spendings will be calculate every end of each spree. i.e, In Spree "X", you are in Bronze member type, and you have total spending of SGD298, you then made a purchase of SGD4, which total to SGD302, however your account type will only be upgraded to Silver in the NEXT Spree "Y".